Southern California consists of many unique communities where real estate trends can vary as much as the character of each neighborhood. Coastal Homes Group is comprised of four highly-respected REALTORS® with over 65 years of collective experience in many areas around the southland. Our reach is extensive and you would be surprised at how our skills translate into your specific need. We are also well connected to many other REALTORS® in the country that we would be happy to refer you to, should your needs extend beyond our immediate reach.

We value integrity and finish what we set out to do. Our clients have taken us well beyond Los Angeles and Orange county borders in order to have us represent them. In the end it is about long term commitment to our clients that motivates us to ensure we are successful in meeting your needs. Whether it be a primary residence, 2nd home, or income property – we very much want to assist you in reaching your goals and come away with a positive experience.

Real Estate is more virtual than ever and we understand the importance of responsiveness and using the tools that are current. We use effective technology, not just trending.

Markets evolve; strategies change; what worked 5 years ago doesn’t necessarily work now. If you don’t know us already, you will see that we adhere to the highest ethical standards throughout the negotiation process. We pick up the phone and are always happy to sit down and have a face to face chat about your dream property and maximizing your investment potential. Each of us works to establish professional friendships that extend well beyond your current needs. We want you to smile at the thought of working with us and you should feel comfortable referring your friends and family to us again and again.